Our diverse community is our greatest strength.

We want to hear from the campus community about how we can continue to create a supportive and inclusive environment.

The 2019-20 Campus Conversations will be an opportunity to engage in dialogue and connect with our UA community.


Our UA community is incredibly diverse, and we want everyone to feel included and supported. We embrace and celebrate our status as a Hispanic-Serving Institution and an American Indian/Alaska Native Serving Institution, located in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region and on the original homelands of indigenous people. Creating an inclusive campus environment requires listening, collaboration, and responsiveness, and we are committed to doing this work.

We understand that divisions and inequities exist in our society and that this affects our campus community. Although our country may seem polarized, we aspire to create a learning environment where we can engage with one another to share viewpoints and explore ideas. We know that great solutions come from hearing each other’s unique perspectives, and that there is much that we can learn from one other. There will be times of disagreement, but we can approach these interactions with empathy and compassion to foster a community of care and connection.

We hope that you will participate in this year’s Campus Conversations and other opportunities to get to know our UA community members.